Discover the Maloskalsko Nature Park

For information about excursions in the surrounding area, please visit the hotel reception or the certified tourist information centre Infocentrum Maloskalsko, which is also a sports equipment rental. We will be happy to arrange for you a reservation of boats for swimming the Jizera River from Malá Skála and other activities in the vicinity.

Rock castle Vranov with a view of Malá Skála

Rock castle founded in 1425 by the Wallenstein family, abandoned in the 16th century, converted into a romantic Pantheon in the 19th century. On the front of the castle stands a summer palace from 1826 in the form of a chapel.

Rock town Drábovna

Some of the rock overhangs and caves of Drábovna were inhabited as early as the Early Stone Age, i.e. in the 3rd millennium BC, probably by hunters who came here to hunt game, which was certainly abundant then, and left behind weapons, tools and fragments of pottery

Suché skály/Dry rocks

The rock mass of sandstone was raised above the earth's surface and erected vertically during the Alpine-Himalayan folding. Because of their shape, the Dry Rocks are called the Maloskalské dolomites. They are popular climbing terrain. The best view of the Dry Rocks is from the viewpoint below Sokol or from the village of Líšný.

Rock maze near Besedic

Hundreds of low towers and boulders are separated by a labyrinth of passages and caves. In times of religious persecution, the Czech Brothers, whose emblem was the chalice, hid here. The group of rocks, inside which is a prayer room with a carved chalice, quotes from Comenius and the Kralice Bible, is named Kalich.

Dlask's farm

An ethnographic exposition at the Dlask farm in Dolánky. The Dlaskův farm is a typical example of traditional folk architecture of the Turnov type from the 18th century. Since 2010, the Dlask farmhouse with a typical Poizera folded lomenica and pavilion has been a national cultural monument. Since 1967, the whole area has been part of the ethnographic department of the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov, which opened the building to the public in 1969. Currently, there is a permanent exhibition of folk interior and home production in the Pojizeří region, supplemented by short-term thematic exhibitions.

Žlutá plovárna 

You can substitute hiking for canoeing and rafting. You can float one of the most beautiful sections of the Jizera River, which is suitable for beginners. You can rent scooters for the return trip and return to Malá Skála along the cycle path upstream of the Jizera. The path leads through a nature reserve between meadows near the Jizera River, where sheep herds graze. There are also several opportunities for refreshments and sitting by the river (e.g. at the Pension Křížky).

In the holiday months, you can take the tourist cycling buses to Kozákov and choose a downhill according to different levels of difficulty.

If the weather does not cooperate, you can change your plan and visit the gemstone museum in Turnov or admire the glassmaking art in nearby Železný Brod, including trying your own creation under professional supervision.

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