Hotel Skála is here more than one century. The original building was built by Anton Peukert, who used to work as a blacksmith in the village. His profession might be the reason, why the hotel should have been sold after some years because of big debts.

We do not have an exact date of this transaction and we only know according the archive records, that the new owner became Dr. Wedinger, who used to rent the hotel for some years. In the archive records we can find names of following hoteliers, such as Mr. Antonín Miller, Mrs.. Tichá, Mr. Tulach and Mr. Uhlíř. Later Dr. Wediger sold the hotel to Mrs. Františka Plátková and more hoteliers used to hire the hotel.

After communist putsch in 1948 was the hotel confiscated and prosperous enterprise was changed into recreational place ROH (revolutionary labour union movement). After nearly forty years of forced brake was the hotel given back to their original owners and started to be used for its original purpose.

During next years was the hotel owned by former bank institution and rebuilt in the present shape. In 2005 was the hotel bought by nowadays owners and they rent it to hoteliers as their old-ago forerunners.

Hotel Skála na Malé Skále hodnocení