Vranov castle

Castle with the view site – the castle on the rock, founded by Valendstein family in 1425, left in 16th century, later in 19th century rebuilt in romantic style to Pantheon with the chapel in the front yard.


Frydštejn is the castle, which was cut in the sand rock in early 14th century. It was left and went to ruin in 16th century.  You can see he tower of the castle from far away, as it is one of the dominant of Malá Skála area.

Rock town “Drábovna”

Some rock cliffs and caves were inhabited already in the Younger Stone Age, 3000 years b.c., most probably by the hunters, as there was enough wild game, so they left there some artefacts like weapons, tools and fragments of ceramics.

Dry rocks

Sandstone massive, which was pulled out and built to this vertical shape during Alpine – Himalaya rock folding. Thanks to their shape they are so called “Dolomits of Mala Skala” There are popular path for rock climbers. The best view to see Dry rocks is from the view point under the Sokol rock or from the village Líšný.

Rock labyrinth near Besedice village

Hundreds of rock towers and stones are divided by the labyrinth of passing and caves. During the period of religion persecution so called Czech brothers were hiding here, their symbol was calyx. There is the group of the rocks with the name Calyx, where you can find the chapel with the calyx carved in the rock with quotations from Jan Amos Komensky.

The Dlaskův statek Farm

A typical and rarely preserved specimen of the Jizera region house form. The originally freeholder’s homestead and magistrate’s house was constructed in the picturesque valley of the Jizera river in 1716. Since 2010 it belongs to national culture heritage. The farm is the part of the museum in Turnov since the years 1967. In the present days there is the exposition of folk interior and home-made production including thematic exhibitions.

In addition to hiking, you can try canoes and rafts to go down river trip one of the most beautiful parts of Jizera river, suitable also for beginners. For the way back you can take a scooter and return back to Malá Skála, while admiring great nature and herds of sheep along the river.

During holidays you can also use cycle buses to go up Kozákov hill and take the ride down according your advanced level and choice

In case you experience bad weather by chance, you can easily change your plan and visit a museum of gems stones in Turnov (famous of Czech garnet), explore the timeless charm of Bohemian chandeliers, or admire the glass art in nearby Železný Brod, as well as you can try and create your own jewellery under expert facilitation.

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